October 2009 –June 2010

Max Cancer Centre,
Max Healthcare,
New Delhi

Max is tertiary care hospital with 8 hospitals all over National capital region. This was my first appointment on return from UK as Director and Chief consultant in Medical Oncology (Pan-Max). I had been involved in setting up of the medical oncology unit from Jan 2009 onwards with weekly tele and videoconferences at two sites (Saket and Patparganj). I set up an international standard (designed on the basis of Royal Marsden MHRA standard facility with support room, changing and clean room) laminar flow facility for chemotherapy admixing for the safety of the nurses and patients at both the sites. Oncology pharmacists manned this. I was instrumental in getting the unit thorough NABH accreditation. During my period at Max, I was a member of the Hospital ethics committee, institutional review board, consumer advocacy board, Hospital infection control committee, central pharmacy and therapeutics committee, Chairman of the Care of Patients group for JCI accreditation