3rd Nov 2014 – 15th Nov 2015

Consultant Medical Oncology- GI & Breast Cancers
Head of Medical Oncology
Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre
Narayana Health, Bangalore

Service: I joined this centre to drive medical oncology not only at this centre but also help in setting up cancer centres in Kolkata, Jaipur, Mysore and Katara. Over the course of one year which included daily out-patient clinics, ward rounds and once a fortnight screening camps for breast and cervical cancer, I was responsible for the optimisation of daycare, regular functioning of tumour boards/ multidisciplinary team meetings which were site-specific and starting of a personalised medicine tumour board for refractory cases. A medical oncology EMR module was piloted whereby each patient is given a printed record of their consultation. The aim was to roll this out down the line for ease, continuity of care and also to be able to audit and set a benchmark for one’s own patients. I started the Breast cancer (once a month) and GIST support group (3 monthly) meetings. These were attended by patients from the cancer centre, in the city and other regional cancer centres.

I organised a major international cancer conference – Brinker awardee breast cancer symposium with speakers from MSKCC-New york, DFCI –Boston and Royal Marsden came and presented their work.

I was able to start integrative oncology as a discipline with a certified exercise specialist.The future aim was to start One-Stop clinics – the process flow/ infrastructure was all put in place. Site specific Prospective tumour databases for GI and breast cancers were maintained and I was able to collaborate with the NCRP/ICMR registry to report to the national cancer figures. Chemotherapy safety committee meetings were initiated to improve the delivery of service and audit outcomes. I was also instrumental in the setting up of a biobank with the aim of genomics / proteomics / Laboratory research to identify biomarkers / targets and develop more cost-effective assays and treatment to make personalized medicine affordable.Regular audits were carried out in the unit.

Research and Education:: Two observational studies -APNET –asia pacific neuroendocrine tumours registry and lung cancer registry were started. The aim was to improve service before initiating interventional studies. I lectured nationally on major national and international conferences on GI / breast cancers.

Charity:: I was able to generate funds to treat the poor /below poverty line (BPL) patients so that every patient who came to the cancer centre received the best possible care. After discussion with the HR department from nearby organisations and army officers wives- we were able to start a volunteer program whereby all BPLpatients on chemotherapy were rung at least 1-2 times a week. A generous donor was able to provide a high protein diet to all BPL patients attending the daycare (approx. 30 /day)